The steps for FITDISH:

✔︎ Select and purchase the meal plan that suites your lifestyle and needs. You’ll receive an email welcoming you to the FITDISH team.

✔︎ Within 24hrs of the initial email, you will receive a second email with your username & password. Click “Member Login” and enter your username and password. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile page and click (edit/update weekly meal plan) to get started.

✔︎ Create your Weekly Meal Plan by selecting recipes for each day of the current week. Click on ‘Select Date’ in the top left to choose the day you want to manage. From there, you ‘build’ your meals by choosing from the drop-down menus. (Protein, Carb, Vegetables) for each meal type (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner). When you have completed the day’s selections, press ‘Save’. Continue planning the rest of your week by clicking on which day you would like to manage.

✔︎ You can log out and come back another time to complete your meal plan at your leisure. All weekly plans must be submitted by midnight on Saturday for Monday deliveries.

✔︎ When you’re ready, add any comments in the Comments and Delivery Instructions boxes and click “Submit Weekly Meal Plan”.

✔︎ Your delivery will be scheduled with the date provided on your confirmation email.

✔︎ Deliveries take place Monday mornings from 7-10am for your first set of meals (Monday-Wednesday). The second delivery takes place Thursday mornings from 7-10am for the final meals of the week (Thursday, Friday and sometimes Saturday, depending on the meal plan selected) to ensure all the food is freshly prepared.

✔︎If you are working in the Hamilton/Burlington area and would like the delivery to your workplace instead of home please, provide the address and any additional information.