MikeRassoFITDISH is proud to support fitness and nutrition expert, Mike Raso. Mike is a certified strength and conditioning coach, with clients around the globe. Mike helps to train his clients for various competitions, and helps them to transform their lives with fitness. Mike’s own competitive history brings him the expertise necessary to be a coach. He has competed in the WBFF and IFBB/CBBF, taking home prizes in both the Regional and Provincial levels in Men’s Physique.

On top of competition success, Mike has contributed to a variety of North American and European magazines. He has also been the cover model for Sport & Fitness Magazine. As well as his success in the field of fitness and nutrition, Mike works full time in development engineering. Mike attests to the convenience and success of a FITDISH routine. The professionals at FITDISH ensure he receives the appropriate number of calories in his daily meals to complement his training, without having to lift a finger in meal preparation.

With training that is as vigorous as Mike’s, it’s important that his diet is a proper fit to his lifestyle. He can get the meals necessary without intruding upon his own hectic lifestyle, which allows him to further progress in his training. Mike knows how easy it can be to become “lazy” with nutrition and making proper meals.

FITDISH offers him nutritious meals on the go, which are available whenever he needs one. When asked about FITDISH, all Raso can say is that he “is very grateful to have partnered with such a great team. I am looking forward to what the future holds.” www.mikeraso.com

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